City break to the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

Steph and I escaped London for a quick romantic city break the city of Bath in the United Kingdom. Bath was one of the earliest settlements by the Romans in the UK. We decided to head there because we’d heard about its unique mix of traditional architecture within the modern era.

This was actually our first weekend break away as a couple when we started dating. I found a hotel that was located in Bath’s city centre, so were were within walking distance to all of the landmarks. 

Where is Bath located in the United Kingdom? 

Bath is located in the county of Somerset, which is 160km to the West of London.


How can you travel to Bath from London?

We decided to travel from our accommodation in London. There’s a few ways to get to Bath. 


This is the most cost-effective option. You can jump on one of the National Express buses and get to Bath on a one-way ticket from £5.90. It’s approximately 3h one-way on the bus.


If you have a vehicle that you own, then it is fairly cost-effective. However, if you decide to hire a car, it’s likely that you will have to spend £200 or more for all of the costs to rent the vehicle. 


You can catch the train, which is a 155km journey. 

A one-way ticket should cost £20.55. 

Below you can see our journey and experience in Bath. I caught this picture of Stephanie just as we were about to start exploring Bath.

One of the parks that we visited in Bath.

We took photos along the way as we explored the city.

Along the river that leads into the Roman Baths.

The stroll along this bank with the cool and crisp breeze of the UK really allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of Bath.


This place felt like we were caught in a time warp. However, it keeps you in awe. Definitely one of the must-see places in Bath.

Grove Street - Bath
Grove Street – Bath, England

This was an interesting painting, which looked like you were looking into someone else’s window.


The stillness of the train tracks shows the tranquility that can be experienced in Bath.

The open fields in Bath
The open fields in Bath

The hair salons in Bath seemed to have a sense of humour!

Church in Bath
Church in Bath
One of the bars in Bath that we visited
One of the bars in Bath that we visited

The city of Bath definitely lived up to its expectations. And it is a very scenic and photogenic city. If you do want to immerse yourself in the European experience, definitely get to Bath and take some photos and videos.

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