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I signed up to become an Uber Eats delivery driver and will also consider becoming an Uber driver offering a taxi service within my city of Brisbane. I had originally signed-up while I was living very close to the CBD and they had an offer for new drivers to make an extra $500 if they completed 30 deliveries within the first week.

I managed to do my first delivery and earned $15 for the trip along with a $10 bonus from Uber.

I did my second trip and I earned $6.14 for a short delivery.

Why did I decide to sign-up to Uber Eats as a delivery driver?

I like riding my bicycle and I wanted to try to earn some money while I am riding my bike. I am also doing some bodybuilding training and I wanted to get paid whilst doing my cardio session as well. When I timed my first ride, I was actually cycling for 67 minutes whilst doing a single delivery and burned 400 calories.

How can I make more money with Uber Eats?

I would make sure that my bike is optimized for speed. I have a mountain bike and a road racing bike would be better as it would go much faster. My average speed on the bike was 13.27km/h. It would be good to get up to 50 or 60km/h.

How do you make money with Uber?

After you sign-up, get your delivery bag and the equipment to ride, you will get job notifications to your phone.

How much does Uber pay?

For the very first job that I did, I got paid $15. Although the original estimate was $8. I do think that I with back to back orders, I would be able to earn $8-15 per job, and possibly get up to 4 jobs per hour. I do think if I base myself around the CBD where it is more densely populated and people rely more on public transport to get around, and have disposable income, that I will be

How much does Uber Eats pay?

Jobs can range from $5-20 per delivery.

Where are some of the best places to earn money as an Uber Eats driver in Australia?

Brisbane CBD area

I used to live in Newstead, which is on the fringe of the Brisbane CBD. The area is very densely populated and there are several restaurants and apartment blocks. The area has many people that have disposable income and that opt for Uber Eats.

From this location, you can access:

  • Fortitude Valley
  • Brisbane CBD
  • Southbank
  • Bowen Hills
  • Kangaroo Point

There are also several bikeways that make it easier for Uber riders to ride safely and quickly.

Ideally, you want to work within a 10-15 minute cycling radius so you can pick-up the job, deliver to the location, and then pick-up the next job quickly so that you are continually making money.

I will add other locations as I get more information.

If you would like to see more, watch this video below.

Want to start earning $1000-2000/week with Uber? Click here.

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