Taking the leap of faith to achieve our lifestyle dreams.

Girl leaping for her dreams

You only live once, and life is worth living. We are taught from a young age that we must be educated, work to earn a good or modest living until we are in our sixties or seventies and then enjoy our life in the twilight era of our lives. While this is a good choice for some, for my wife and I it wasn’t the way that we envisioned our lives. I can tell you that in my spirit, I have always wanted to travel and see the world. I guess it is part of the reason why I studied international business and pursued an international career. And while my career was a great one at that (formerly working global advertising agencies), the sense of fulfilment never came. It wasn’t the money or the career. It was about living the exact life that I had wanted to live. This is what I will share with you on Lollivia Living.

On the 10th of March 2016, my wife and I are choosing to take the leap of faith that will either see us succeed in our lifestyle endeavours of travel and entrepreneurship. We may succeed lavishly or we may fail horribly. Whatever the outcome may be, I’m inviting you along for the ride of a lifetime. So strap yourself, follow our story, learn with us and let us know if you have also chosen to take that leap of faith to live your dream.

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