What are the best sites for finding cheap flights for digital nomads?

The cost of an airline ticket can easily deter people from starting the digital nomad lifestyle, but if you use the right websites, you can actually find airline deals that are quite inexpensive. You can use the following sites to find cheap flights.



Their comparison engine is very good at finding and recommending flight options. It’s simple to use and you can easily filter the results by flight time, pricing and routes. Most low-cost providers are on here, so it should be easy to find a cheap one-way or return ticket.

Google flights


Google Flights has an interesting “Explore destinations” feature, which will allow you to compare flights to several different ports on Google Maps. You can then book a flight through Google.



One of the interesting options with this is that you can choose the anywhere option and the map will show you prices of air fares to different airports around the world.

Secret Flying


This is a site that provides people with error fares that are listed by airlines.



This is another comparison engine that compares 66 cheap flight engines.



This one seems to be more of a holiday package site, but you can use it to find interesting travel deals.

Scott’s cheap flights


This is an alert service that will let you know when cheap flights become available.

If there are other providers that you feel should be on the list, please leave their details in the comments so they can be reviewed.

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