May 2016 Income Report

It is that time of the month again where we reflect on what has been done with the Lollivia blog to see if any of the activities helped to build the blog’s business income. This month, we published two posts on the blog. We made performance improvements to the site (which is still ongoing). We […]

April Income Report

Hi guys. So in March, I wasn’t able to work on the site due to other commitments with my other business. Nonetheless, I still want to share how things are progressing with this site in terms of earning an income from the blog.   I did look into affiliate marketing programs and sponsorship opportunities, […]

Income Report – March 2016 Income Report – March 2016 This month was a slower month since we didn’t do any postings or promotions. We were setting ourselves up in Ubud in Indonesia. I had planned to write and publish content for the blog, but we became involved with managing the visa application process for Stephanie. None the less, […]

February 2016 Blogging Income report

Hi all. Welcome to our February income report for Lollivia. This month was a bit slower in activity since we focused on our preparation to migrate abroad for the next six months while we apply for Steph’s permanent Australian visa. I had planned to publish some more blogs during the month, but I also got […]

January Income report

In 2016, one of the things I would like for us to do is to maintain a monthly income report from our activities. This will show advertising and affiliate opportunities for our websites. Income Advertising YouTube. – $13.59 (Lolli via) $0.04 ( The monthly earnings from YouTube declined this month. It looks like YouTube Red […]