Make money while travelling by doing online surveys.

Make money while travelling with online surveys.

One of the things that I try to encourage people to do is to diversify their income stream. One of the ways you can do that is by participating in surveys. I’ve done a few market research surveys in the past and I’ve been paid for doing the survey.

BUT, the pay wasn’t that great. So the best way to think of it is that you can get some ‘extra income’ or ‘beer money’.

The surveys that I’ve taken usually require 20-60 minutes of my time. When I wasn’t earning anything before or had spare time, I would participate in these surveys that would pay anywhere from $2-10 per survey.

If you an get enough survey requests, you might have an extra $100 or so per month.

Here’s a few that you can sign-up to.

They normally just forward an email with the survey and you fill out your profile and payment details, so that you can get paid.

Expert Search Portal Surveys

This one pays in gift cards and seeks out professionals that are willing to conduct surveys for market research. Payment for this survey was valued at $40 USD.


It’s a micro-investing platform, but you can earn extra money with its paid surveys. The most I’ve made with it is $60 in a month.

If you click this link, you can get $5 added to your Raiz account upon signing-up.

Survey Junkie

Valued Opinions

This is an Australian-based survey provider and so far I have had a positive experience with them. The rewards can be taken in the form of cash payments or shopping vouchers or credits that can be used in the same way as money.

There are several major merchants that are a part of the program, such as Coles, Xbox, Woolworths and Apple.


Known as one of the biggest survey sites in the UK, they can payout up to £1 for every 5 minutes spent on a survey.

Inbox Dollars



The Opinion Panel Community

Others to consider include:

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Pinecone research

Squishy Cash

Swagbucks (Apparently, their gold program pays up to $7 per survey)




Create a new email address so that it won’t get mixed up with the current emails in your email inbox.

I’d also recommend checking out the following links, which have more details on online surveys.

If there are others that you feel should be added to the list, please leave them in the comments section below.

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