At Mind (@Mind) Executive Suites Review, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

We stayed at @Mind Executive Suites in Sukhumvit a few times during our stay in Bangkok. This hotel was my favourite place to stay in Bangkok. You could describe it as a boutique luxury hotel which lays just off the main road in Sukhumvit. It is less than 10 minutes walk to the BTS station.

We have done the video review which can be seen below.

We managed to pick up a very good deal with an Agoda booking. I have to admit that this was one of the most luxurious places that we were able to stay on our trip.

Some of the highlights that we enjoyed from this hotel included:

  • Hotel Gym
  • Hotel Pool
  • Hotel Sauna
  • Rainfall shower
  • Very clean everywhere
  • King sized luxury bed
  • Excellent air conditioning for the Thai heat
  • Very polite and attentive customer service
  • The modern design of the room

Everytime we stayed at this place, it made my wife very happy :)

Below is the link to where we picked up the excellent deal. Some days, we managed to save over 70% off the booking fee which was incredible.

Click here to save up to 70% on this accommodation stay at AT Mind Executive Suites.

If you decide to go ahead and stay at this place, I would recommend booking for a longer time and not 1 or 2 days at a time, as the bookings tend to go quite quickly. I would say that this is currently a hidden gem, but as it gets more popular, the deals may become harder to come by.

In addition, because it was close to the BTS, it was easy and cheap to commute across Bangkok. If you needed to go somewhere that wasn’t on the BTS line, you could catch a motorbike taxi from their station stop which was about 5 minutes walk from the hotel. They would generally charge around 40-60 Baht per ride.

Additionally, there are also taxis that you can flag down and ride with a meter or a pre-arranged fee (we would always ask for the meter).

If you have any questions or if you would like to share your own experience, please feel free to comment below.

Happy stays! :D

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