Make money online while travelling from web advertising.

Make money while travelling with website ads

There are a few website owners that have cracked the code with earning an income from web advertisements. Ad networks like Adsense and Propeller ads can be a lucrative way for people to earn an income while they are travelling. Not everyone is able to make a full time income from web advertisements, but it can still help you build your income portfolio.

Starting your website.

In order to earn an income from Adsense, you need to start a website. You can easily start an account with a web hosting provider like Bluehost. The fee per month is around $4 and you should be able to install a WordPress site with a 1-click install.

Note: Check out this comparison – Bluehost vs Siteground

You can view this guide that goes into more detail about how to start a travel blog.

Once you have installed WordPress, create content on your website and start building web traffic to the site. Your ideal target is to get 400-500 visitors daily to the site.

Selecting your niche.

It’s important that you select the right niche audience for your website. The right niche will not only attract the right people to your website, but you will also attract advertisers who will be willing to pay higher advertising fees for appearing on your website.

One of the easiest ways to check the advertising rates that advertisers pay is by visiting Google’s Keyword Planner.

In the screenshots below, I will show you how you can do some research for a niche. For the sake of this example, we will look at a theme around buying car insurance.

You can see that the advertising rates (known as CPCs or cost per clicks) are quite high. So if one person clicks on the ad, they will pay between $30-40 every time.

Pay attention to the advertising rates and the search volume. This will give you an idea about the size of the market that you are writing for and the amount of money that you can potentially make.

Selecting an advertising network.

Adsense is by far the most popular ad partnership program on the internet. There are people making hundreds or even thousands of dollars every day from Adsense. This is because the revenue split is up to 68% for the web publisher and 32% for Google. .

Getting web traffic.

You need to get enough web traffic that will allow you to earn an income from the ads being displayed on your website. Most successful Adsense publishers say that you need alot of traffic to start earning a daily income. For example, Ahmad Raza, the founder of Wise Toast currently has 5000 visitors a day to his website and makes around $7-14 a day. There are stories of Adsense publishers whose sites make up to $100 a day, but most Adsense publishers need to diversify the income streams on their blog.

Ideally, you want to get free traffic going to your website. But if the traffic isn’t free, it needs to be cheap enough so that you can make a profit from the advertising that is on your website. (This is also known as arbitrage)

Search engines are an optimal way to get free web traffic. You can optimise your site with SEO to rank your web site on the first page of Google. You can learn how to apply this by purchasing the SEO ebook ‘How to rank on Google’ or you can learn more about white hat SEO strategies via tutorials on YouTube.

Track your earnings.

You can track your website’s earnings from Adsense by paying monitoring the reports in your dashboard or linking Adsense to your Google Analytics report so you can see exactly which pages are generating you the most amount of revenue.

Get started.

If you have a site already, then see how you can start earning an income from Adsense on your website. If you are a beginner, follow the guide to identify a target audience that can earn your site an income over the long-term.

The power is in your hands.

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