How much do digital nomads earn?

Digital nomads tend to earn as little as $1000-2000USD per month to sustain their travel lifestyle.

This equates to $12,000-24,000USD per year.

The more a digital nomad can earn, the more comfort they will have with their travels.

Is it possible to earn a high income as a digital nomad?

Yes it is, as long as they diversify their income sources beyond remote employment.

In a remote employment position, it is possible for a digital nomad to earn between $1000-4000 per month.

Should the digital nomad start an online/digital business, the income could soar to $10,000-$100,000 per month or more.

Is there any proof of earnings for digital nomads?

Yes. There’s plenty. You can check these income reports from digital nomads below.

How I made $50,000 in 1 year

$1600/month while travelling.

$6000/month while travelling as a digital nomad.

$14K+ in one month while travelling

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

Have you started earning an income as a digital nomad? Tell us where you are at with your journey in the comments below.

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