If you want to travel around the world, build it into your lifestyle.

Travel around the world

I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to crack the code when it comes to travelling full time. I’ve always wanted to travel and at the time of writing this, I am in Ronda in Spain enjoying a Spanish Baguette and Spanish coffee. At the same time, I am talking to a friend online who is asking me how he can live this lifestyle. But he keeps on asking me one question.

What will I do for money?

This is a very valid question. To be honest, this is why most people don’t go ahead with travelling.

There are several different strategies that you can use to travel around the world full time.

Work in your local country and save. Then travel until the money runs out.

This is an easier solution and you can actually work in a country (preferably your home country) and earn an income that will allow you to travel without working. The great thing with this approach is that you will be able to travel without the need to work. You will only need to budget how much you need to spend per day and ensure that the money doesn’t run out before the end of your trip.

You can work legally in your own country and then travel on a tourist visa once you are in other countries.

If you go to a place where the cost of living is much cheaper, you may only need to save $12,000USD to live in a country for 6 months.

Earn an income in the country you are going to with a working holiday visa.

You can obtain a visa that will allow you to earn an income in the local currency and that will allow you to sustain your travels. You will need to check with the department of immigration for the country that you want to visit. In many cases, you will either need to apply for their working-holiday program or apply to be sponsored to work for a local company.

Earn an income online.

This gives you the most flexible travel option. One thing you will need to keep in mind is that you are not doing any online work that takes away income from the local economy. You can do things like run your own business from your official country of residence. Or you can freelance as a consultant or doing work for businesses based around the world.

There are actually several ways you can make an income that will allow you to travel around the world. You can see opportunities on this digital nomad job post.

I even detailed how I was able to earn an income in one of my past travel income reports.

If you are interested in earning an income through writing, you can actually buy my ebook, which shows you the exact steps for earning your first $100 through writing. This will allow you to start earning an income whilst travelling.

If you are in the position of earning a passive income, this is even more ideal as you can focus on enjoying the travel experience without the need to work. You can do this through affiliate programs, advertising income and even automated sales processes.

Don’t give into the excuses. See how you can make your travel lifestyle come true today!

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