Get inspired to travel by these phenomenal travel nomads! #1

Alex in Wanderland

Most people have a desire to travel in their lifetime. Most people plan to work most of their lifetime to retire and travel as they had always wanted to in their younger years. This is a fine choice to make if it is the lifestyle that you desire. But what if you could fulfil your travel dreams now?

There are many travel nomads that have taken the plunge and are living their travel dreams exactly how they always wanted to.

Below is a July Roundup of inspiring Twitter nomads that I like to follow.

Alexandra Baackes from


This lovely natural blonde chic chick is an awesome and inspiring nomad to follow. I love her posts, her pictures, her flamboyance and her voice through per published posts, whether they are on her blog or on Twitter. Not one who is shy to take a dive in South East Asia or to see the best that New York city has to offer. Her infectious smile and her sense of adventure will inspire you to seek your own adventure and to create your own travel journey.

Johnny Ward from One Step 4ward


Johhny Ward
Johnny Ward

Not one that is shy of adventure, Johnny has been travelling and exploring the world for almost a decade. Along with his travels, he has also built a digital enterprise that allows him to fulfil his travel and business dreams. I’ve been following Johnny for a few years now and he continues to inspire myself and other travellers. His posts also share insights on his own travel experiences, as well as for people to start their own adventure. Visit his site and get inspired to live the life of your dreams!

Jodi Ettenberg from Legal Nomads


Jodi Ettenberg
Jodi Ettenberg

One of the most inspirational travel bloggers that I have come across in my lifetime. Her short story is she left her job as a lawyer to pursue her travel ambitions that continues to lead her onto new adventures again and again. Not one who is shy to admit that she loves a bit of Pho in Vietnam and her posts continue to keep us entertained. I was really proud to see how far she had gone when she was featured on the BBC website in 2014. The article “How I quit my job to travel: The corporate lawyer” relates to alot of people who have been working professionally and have the desire to fulfil their travel lifestyle, and to really live life in the moment!

Lauren Juliff of Never Ending Footsteps


Lauren Juliff
Lauren Juliff

Ahhhh. Lauren! I am such a fan of yours. Simply put, her posts are entertaining and full of excitement. She has a way of writing that draws you into the experience. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they leave you awestruck. Plus she is releasing her book on the 13th of August which I’m sure will reach the best seller list. Check out some of her popular posts to get hooked.

There was a dead woman on my boat!

Bagan by Electric Bike: A Travel Highlight

Paul Steele from


Paul Steele
Paul Steele

Paul Steele should receive a knighthood from the Queen of England for his ventures and travels. Hiking has played more of an part of my own personal travel interests. And if you would like to embark on hiking journeys through the English countryside or abroad, then Paul is the seasoned pro that you will want to follow, as I do!

This is just the start of my list. I plan to share more of my favourite travel bloggers that continue to inspire me with my travel ambitions. And I hope that they will also inspire you.

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